Areas:             KwaDukuza - Stanger - Empangeni - Richardsbay - Ballito - Dolphin Coast - Tugela Mouth - Kranskop - Greytown - Mtunzini - Eshowe - Melmoth - Nkandla - KwaMagwaza - Nduro - Ntolwane - Mbongolwane - Mandini - Amatikulu - Umphumulo - Msonono - Eshane - Dalton - Ntunjambili - Emakhabeleni 

Population   351 720 (2011)

Languages:     Zulu – English – Afrikaans


KwaDukuza (also known as Stanger) is a town in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. In 2006, its official name was changed from Stanger to KwaDukuza; however Zulu people in the area called it "Dukuza" well before this date, and many white South Africans continue to use "Stanger" today. "Stanger" has been used on new road signs in the area.

The town was named to honour William Stanger, a surveyor–general in South Africa. In 2006 the Minister of Arts and Culture approved a name change from Stanger to KwaDukuza.

The town was founded about 1820 by King Shaka, and was named KwaDukuza (Zulu: Place of the Lost Person) because of the capital's labyrinth of huts. After Shaka was assassinated on 24 September 1828—in a coup by two of his half-brothers, Dingane and Umthlangana (Mhlangane)—the town was burnt to the ground. In 1873 European settlers built a town on the site, naming it Stanger after William Stanger, the surveyor-general of Natal.(wikipedia)

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